PAINTINGS by Rolf Rykken

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The Corcoran College of Art and Design - eGallery

Some Corcoran graduates: Claudine Hellmuth, BFA 1997

David Valentine, BFA 1997

Some Corcoran professors: Marianne LaRoche

Bill Newman

Montgomery College, Takoma Park, Md., professor: Mark Rooney

The Phillips Collection art museum

Some Phillips Collection associates: Michael Gurtz

Suzanne Koch

Alice Whealin

Franck Cordes

Rich Howe

One of the top photographers in Washington, Lely Constantinople

A complete list of artists colonies, provided by Kim Roberts of the Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington County, Va.


One of the "Six Chix" newspaper comic strip artists-writers (Saturday), Stephanie Piro, who also has her own equally sharp strip, "Fair Game"

The ever-stellar Kristin Hersh and her rock group, Throwing Muses

The Madison,Wis.-NYC rock group, Rainer Maria

Where good English springer spaniels can be obtained, Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue League