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PAINTINGS by Rolf Rykken

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Anchor text: Original Oil Paintings Description: Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions - sponsor of

A review of the 2011 Phillips Collection staff show that includes positive remarks on my painting, "Who Invited the Dog."

Sammie, Shelby's replacement, running around like a two-year-old! Video is called Samantha in the Park.

Nine seconds of my late 15-year-old doggie-daughter Shelby (who is featured in several paintings) running around like a 10-year-old in Lansdale, Pa., a few months before her death. Entitled Shelby Running.

The media marketing service site of my wonderful goddaughter Jessica Glenn, whose firm provides highly personalized ''boutique'' marketing campaigns that can include conceptual business plans, promotional materials, personalized buzz as well as creating national campaigns for fully established businesses. The site also features pictures of my godgrandchildren, Zane and Myles

The excellent chef, Mary Bartlett (mother of my goddaughter, Jessica) does her special creations in Portland, Ore., and Paris, and has a fun, informative, dynamic cook book and site

A link to my last published short story, "Signs," that includes one of my paintings as an illustration. From Delmarva Quarterly magazine, winter, 2002, pages 14-16.

A YouTube video, "Fields of Dover," that includes some of the characters and locales featured in many of the Paintings By Rolf Rykken

The website for American master, Andrew Wyeth, designed and maintained by Karen Baumgartner

Site for the multi-talented Marianne Meyer, Examiner newspaper music critic, editor, photographer, Emmy award-winner for television writing for children and a Peabody Award for broadcast excellence for a radio show for children.

The talented model and fashion photographer, Lauren Ashley

Corcoran College of Art and Design graduates:

Stephanie Gillen Lenz, BFA 1997

Melanie Newlon, BFA 1997

Claudine Hellmuth, BFA 1997

Ivan Witenstein, BFA 1997

Laura Traverso, BFA 1997

Lisa Noble (nee Bertnick), BFA 2001

Some Corcoran professors: Marianne LaRoche

Steven Cushner

William Willis

William A. Newman

University of Maryland Masters of Art program: Claudia Demonte, professor emeritus

Terry Nauheim, MFA 2001

Emily Conover, MFA 1999, who now teaches at Maryland. The link is to a glowing Washington Post review of one of her exhibits.

John McCarty, sculpture

The Phillips Collection art museum

Zaida Jocson, excellent website designer, whose clients include The National Wildlife Federation

Jake Muirhead

Painter, printmaker and fine-arts professor (and father of Jake): Bruce Muirhead

Sister of Jake, daughter of Bruce, Juliana Renard-Payen and the site of the Utica, NY, ballet school where she is an instructor

Suzanne Koch

Maura Doern Danko

Lisa Marie Godfrey

Blair Sutton

Lorelle Rau

Anna Murphy-Lang

Esther Maria Probst

Marti'n Andres' Paddack

Jane Godfrey

Joseph Shetler

Elizabeth Graeber

Isabelle Spicer

And Isabelle Spicer's blog -- in French

Rachele Riley

Jeff Snider

Champ Taylor

Jennifer Droblyen

Karen Joan Topping

One of the top photographers in Washington, Lely Constantinople

Clay Calvert, a visitor from New York and fine-arts graduate of George Washington University, who admits to being under the spell of The Phillips Collection.


A veteran filmmaker, Rich Field creates videos for local and global audiences, covering dramatic programs, marketing, recruitment and development videos and documentaries

Rykken's former editor at the late monthly, Global Business magazine and author of "End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation," Barry C. Lynn

Where good English springer spaniels can be obtained, Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue League

The ever-stellar Kristin Hersh, founder of Throwing Muses, and her new group, 50-Foot Wave

One of the "Six Chix" newspaper comic strip artists-writers (Saturday), Stephanie Piro, who also has her own equally sharp strip, "Fair Game"

Newspaper comic strip artist Donna Lewis, creator of the new daily strip, "Reply All," with its very contemporary design about the amusing non-Cathy character, Lizzie.

A complete list of artists colonies, provided by Kim Roberts of the Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington County, Va.